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Fair Well Brother Watkins - 1 Oct 1900

October 1st found Charles Logie writing to his daughter Beatrice later in the evening. As usual, he applied his perpetual teasing and nicknames to everyone and everything including calling Beatrice “brother Watkins”. Watkins was undoubted an old boy friend or acquaintance.

Charles notes that Beatrice may move to the small town of Alpine for a short time, probably to visit with her two sisters and their families who lived there. Her teaching certificate should arrive before leaving for the visits.

The timing of mail deliveries were on the mind of grandma Logie. How regular were the postal deliveries in 1900? How long did it take a letter or package to travel 30 to 40 miles? Probably not much longer than today although the sorting and retransfer to the local post offices probably added a day or two to the total delivery time.

Oct 1st 1900

This is to certify that I Chas J. G. Logie did on Saturday Sept 29th send to your address in Salt Lake City one letter properly stamped & postman_old directed containing your Tooele certificate & dude Browns permition for you to reside in the Town of Alpine for a short space of time if you receive this letter please send us word Mother wants to Know at what time & how often they deliver the Mail at your house in one day have you seen Laura Boley She was to go to Salt Lake yesterday afternoon everything is the Same as usual we are well hope this will find you the Same. fair well brother Watkins Love to hall

C J.G. Logie

American Fork Oct 1 1900

nearly 8 O Clock

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The Dame and the School Marm - 28 Sep 1900

Charles Logie wrote to his daughter Beatrice about the use of a telephone and travel aboard the Utah Inter-Urban Railroad.

Beatrice was still looking for a good teaching position and Charles confirmed that she could use the teaching certificate issued by the Alpine District elsewhere in teaching positions in Utah.

Charles frequently referrers to “The School Marm” in his letters. He is usually talking about their boarder, Miss Frances Gailbraith, who was a school teacher in American Fork. Frances was born and raised in Connoquenessing, Pennsylvania. Her exploits with trouble making students and hopeful encounters with suitors never ceased to amuse Charles as will be witnessed in future letters.

interburbancar Telephones were new to the area when this letter was written and they undoubtedly had to go to the Cooperative Store in downtown American Fork to talk to Beatrice who was in Salt Lake City.

Transportation in that day was via the old Utah Inter-Urban Railroad, an electric powered train system that was replaced by highways and automobiles in later years. Now, everyone wishes the system was back in place and in service. It is being replaced by the very expensive FrontRunner system from Salt Lake City to Provo.

Charles and Rosa Logie had a new grandson, Walter, according to this letter. He was the son of their daughter, Elenor Logie Gaisford.

Charles Letter:

American Fork Sept 28/00 (1900)

Dear Lady Beatrice,

teaching_certificate_smWe received your letter this morning & was pleased to hear that you were well in regard to the Telefone. We think you did right in waiting to see if you can get that school. Miss Boley expects to arrive in the city on Sunday evening by the D & R. G. & wished you to be at the depot to receive her. Bro. Forbes saw those certificates that you have & he thinks there is no nead to apply to Brown as you already have his certificate that he gave you at Alpine. Bro Forbes says he will send you a recommend. Don’t know of any thing special. I am working every day & I have a hard time of it nights. The Dame & the School Marm are always lawing me. Well that’s all. We are well & hope you are about likewise with.

With Kind regards. To the City Bugs we say adieu & remain Chas J. G. Logie Esqr

Got a letter from Nellie yesterday. They are all well. Got the baby blessed last fast day & they call him Walter Logie Gaisford

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Prosperity Is Kind of Small - 26 Sep 1900

Early fall in 1900 found Charles Logie and his wife in difficult financial circumstances. There wasn't much new construction or remodeling MckinleyTeddy1900occurring in Utah Valley and Charles carpentry business was slack.

He spent his days on a small project making tables and chairs for the school in American Fork.

There was a rumor of a school to be built in Manning Canyon out near the mineral mines and perhaps their daughter, Beatrice could obtain the position if she hadn't already agreed to teach at the Bingham Canyon school just below the copper mine.

Charles humor is less evident in this letter as he was undoubtedly feeling stress, yet, he wished is daughter well.

As the official curfew bell ringer for American Fork City, we can tell that he penned this letter late in the evening before the 10:00 p.m. curfew hour when he had to ring the bell. It is said that he only missed ringing it in person a few times in the several decades he had this position.

American Fork Sept 26/00 (1901)

Dear Beatrice,

The honorable Dr. Lee called in this afternoon to say that the People of Maning are going to have a School there & Lee said they want a teacher & he said there was a chance for you. They ofer 50 dols a month. There are some where about twenty children out there. About your blue hat the dame says you had better have it fixed over if she want to sell it. She could get nothing for it. Have you heared that Emma Mercer is going to Marry Dr. Styner. Send word soon what you think about this new vertion ie: the Maning yarn. Mother wants to let Lee know weather you have agreed to go to Bingham. She thinks that would be the nicest place of the two. Well I don’t know of anything new. We have the poney & dog show here tonight & last night. We did not go can’t afford it. Our prosperity is kind of small. Not much of it these republican times. Well Mother says that is all. So I may as well quit right here & now. Oh, the folks are all OK over at Mercur. I am sort of buisey just now making some cupboards & tables for the school. Have you seen Mis Styne Jensen. She called about a week ago & wanted to see you. That’s it. I’m happy to say we are well at this time. Hopeing this will find all you city people injoying good health. It is about bell time so I will wish you good night & sweet repose. We send our verry kindest Love to you all. Every one of you & remain as ever your affect Father.

Chas Logie Esqr

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Have You Heard From The Cat Charmer? - 9 Jul 1900

Charles Logie wrote regular letters to his daughter who was a school teacher in Bingham Canyon, Utah.

His unique nicknames for everyone and every event in his life display his mischievous sense of humor and make his letters even more precious to his descendants. I've retained his spellings a purposeful hacking of the English language in this transcription.

In this installment, Charles talked about the low voter turnout for school board elections, the plans to build a tabernacle in American Fork, Utah and the comings and goings of his married children and grandchildren.

It was hot in July 1900 in American Fork as the thermometer on his porch reported a temperature of 105 F in the shade.

The only photo I've ever found of Beatrice was in an old newspaper article standing by her students and have included it here.

American Fork July 9/00 (1900)

Miss Beatrice Logie

logiebeatriceYour letter came to hand yesterday, found us well. Mother got home all safe on the night of the fourth. I had a splendid time. Staid at home all alone and minded the Estate. Didn’t go over to Peats once all day. All the Bennett’s went to the Lake to spend the day & see the cranks play baseball. There is not much going on here just now. This is Election day & some are voteing for a School Trustee, John E. Buckwalter is the one selected in place of J. L. Snow. It is a verry quiet affair. I went over this morning about 10 & there was no one but the three trustees & there had only been 8 votes cast. Our beloved Brown is on the ticket for county Superendendent & there is no oppertion in our city. We had a pecular meeting last night. It seems that some of our church officials want a fine new place to hold Sunday School in & they want the people to agree to build a fine large Tabernacle & have it filed up while to accommodate the Sunday School. There was a committee appointed to make inquires about what such building would cost & how long it would take to build it. Carne Robinson & Geo. Currin have had quite a hot time about where the means was to come from & weather the people would be willing to build such a place for the benefit of the Sunday School. There was some pretty hot talk on both sides of the question. Sir Charles & Lady called last Saturday & took mother & Walter to the Lake in their fine chariot. I was busy getting ready for watering & could not go. They stayed to refreshments after they returned. Laura & Bertha are anxious to hear from you. Lee Clarke has a bran new sister came from Nebraska last Tuesday. We have not heared from Nelece yet or Libey (Grandma Elizabeth Bennett Drew). Mother says she had not seen any of the mountaineers (Alpine) yet & when any of them appear she will ask them when they will be ready to procede with that Barn. It is warm in the land thermomerter up to 105 under the poarch. I must stop for want of paper. Kind Love to Hall.

Still the same,

Chas Logie Esqr~

Upside down note on front page:

Have you heard from the Cat Charmer I have not got any answer to my letter which I wrote some two weeks since.

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The "Oh Be Loifules" (Oh Be Lovelies) - 6 Mar 1900

Charles Logie had a nickname for everyone and about every activity in his life. The week of 6 Mar 1900 found the Logie family celebrating life and spring with son Walter playing his mandolin to entertain the family.

One of the school teachers in American Fork had died and not all of her students, the "cherubs" in Charles colorful language, attended her funeral. Charles didn't understand why folks made such a big deal about funerals. He was the undertaker and made the coffins by hand, but that was only because of his skill as a carpenter and a secondary source of income for the family.

schoolNot only was his daughter a school teacher, but they rented a room to a spinster school teacher, Miss Gailbrath, hence he frequently mentions events related to education. He loved to tease about the attitudes of young school age children, calling them the "Oh Be Loifules" or "Oh Be Lovelies" in this letter.

Charles mentions his daughters, Rosa and Annie along with comments on his son-in-law and the fact that their family were currently entertaining stomach flu.

His purposeful misspellings and hacking of the English language continues in this letter, which is transcribed exactly as he wrote it:

American Fork Mar 6/00 (1900)

Dear School Marm,

your letter duly recd & found us celebrating Logies was day Sir Walter is quite a help on those festifites as he performs on the malodien & that takes a deal of trouble off my hands. we are having some nice weather now & I expects we will have to start gardening if Spring has come to Stay our Padogones declared last Monday visiting day & they all went to Salt Lake with the exception of Cora she seems to do as she pleases since the trustees had to give her her school back old lady G_th did not seem to like her trip. She had to pay full fare & She don't want any holidays any way. there was a great parade over A. Greens funeral yesterday & there was sixteen of her cherubs absent & that upset her bowels. conciderably don't see what people want to make such a fuss about a funeral. Some of the young teachers talk of going elsewere to teach next season the school system don't seem to get along verry harmouiusly Some haw this year to mitch umbug white liver & the Cat fish had got a professor to come from Provo to teach the oh be loifules music two hours a week. the trustees have put up a notice for the citizens to meet on the 27th to arringe for building more school houses but I think we had better get out of beph before get any further involved there is not much news to write about as I write so often I am sometimes puzeled to know what to tell you. Our Rosa is down today She says they have had a visits from de la Grip but they are geting some better now. Annie & family are well Dr. Lee amuses himself prospecting when he is not too tired poor soul the vaccination was a grand fiz Kind of Poppy @_> I am writing this before dinner for I have to go visiting some of the ward with old Jimie Crooks like old man Raley & Spratley used to do. you see we are all geting stured up with a long pole since we have become the Alpine Stick by the way I think those converts of yours are pretty hard cares for I don't know where they would find their Christains if we are not but there is an old saying there is none so blind as those that wont see. now I have scribled over the usual amount of paper so I will conclude for this time. we are well at home & hope you are the same

except our Kind love & be good to your self.

I am your Affect Father

Chas Logie

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Dear School Marm - 19 Feb 1900

Charles Joseph Gordon Logie started writing letters to his unmarried school teacher daughter in 1900 offering advice, relaying stories from home and sending his love.

He was born in Chelsea, England in 1829 and moved with his parents to Sydney, Australia as a young man. He became a skilled mariner and carpenter while living there.

Logie Charles Joseph GordonFriedlander Rosa ClaraHis sweetheart, Rosa Clara Friedlander was born on the Isle of Guernsey. They married in Sydney and after their first child was born, decided to move to Utah in America.

During the voyage to America, their ship, Julia Ann, sank in the South Pacific where they survived on a tiny atoll for months. That is a story for another day and will eventually be posted here as their story unfolds.

As the son of a British government official, Charles had a classic British education. However, his sense of humor often precluded him from exhibiting it.

Enjoy his humor, English cadence, lack of punctuation and purposefully misspelled words that were used to tease and endear himself to his daughter. I've transcribed the letters exactly as he wrote them.

The first letter in this series follows....

"Feby 19/ 1900 American Phork

Dear School Marm,

We us & company reveived your interesting letter last Sunday & were glad to hear that you are well & seem to be having an all round time. well I was a young fellow my self once & I have hardley got over it yet I some times have arguments with our Pedagous about some nonsence or the other about the pup its staying too long in the passageways. some times She finds some of Forbes children in the bed room when they should be out & then again he comes noseing around & Ketches some of her darlings breaking the rules then she teachers seem to be having pecular times since Cora came back you see Cora has the laugh on all the rest of them for she would not be vaccinated & she came back to her school with flying colors & after a three weeks rest got her full pay with the exception of ten dollars that the trustees had no right to deprive her of & now the She teachers don't have any particular use for & don't want any connection with the buggar next door. well so much for school. we are having quite a rain today had to stay in side & look out. I was trying to get Walter to write to you & he said that he would pretty soon he said to ask you if you ever saw any thing of Ramsey that used to work in Mercur. Bob & Rosa was down last Saturday to do some tradeing and among other things they bought a lot of vaccine & Bob is going to do the Stabing act so I expect they will all be stumping round with teir arms in slings for a change Perry was down a whle ago & he was in a big hurrey to be operated on & probeerbly he will join Bobs medicul socierty. by the way you have not given any satisfactory account as to what has become of that Telescope that belongs to our worthy School marm it is among the posibilities that She may want it some of these days Mother says where did you find your new box the mctionanie dude don't know of any thing new even thing is verry dul out here Dunkleys folks talk of Shuting up their Store the people don't paternize them & some how their boys don't seem to want to help them. Mrs Dunkley is quite worried about their affairs. I believe Earl Started out with some more boys for Sun Shine today & Walter says he don't know what they will find & do over there. now I will have to quit don't expose yourself more than necessary & keep your feet dry. we are well & hope this will find you OK & with

Kind Love I am your affect old Father

Chas Logie

Oh yes the dame is bakeing pies pies today aint they good you bet."

I'll post a new letter each week along with associated source documents and photos to help put the 'flesh, humor and smell of fresh baked bread' on the usual skeleton of 'dates and places' that we typically see in most of our family lineage books.

Charles Logie's Letters

In 1900, my 2nd great grandfather, Charles Joseph Gordon Logie wrote a series of letters to his daughter, Beatrice, who was a school teacher in Brigham Canyon, Utah.

Like many old letters, they provide a snapshot in time about his family, important events, proclivities and opinions that convey that delicious family history detail that we all crave.

The letters came to me over circuitous routes and are very precious to me.

Other family records were inherited or collected by myself over many decades and almost unimaginable (even to me) hours of research.

Old lineage records will be added as time goes on but for now I'll post grandpa Logie's letters in the same chronological order that they were written.

I love his wry sense of humor, his never ending allegiance to the Queen and fact that he almost circled the world by the time he was thirty.

Along with his wife and baby daughter Charles survived being shipwrecked in the South Pacific. He was a carpenter, an undertaker, a curfew enforcer and a tease. I especially like the tease facet of his personality.

Many of my ancestors had similarly fascinating lives and those details along with those of uncles, aunts, cousins and friends will eventually find their way to this site.

Being a lineage keeper isn't something you are elected to do. It is something you are born to do.


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